If you’ve ever been/seen a parent, you must know how expensive uniforms are. Buying special uniforms from school, replacing any or all lost, outgrown or simply torn and damaged pieces of a certain set is quite high-priced.

Anyone who has worked in the education industry or seen it closely can agree.
A few articles on the internet state that the average family spends about a little north of £300 a year for a secondary student’s uniform.
Growth spurts, sports or what have you, a typical piece of uniform sees less light of day than we think.

What if there was another way to help you cut costs without feeling the backlash?

Two words: School Badges.

School badges can ironed on or hand stitched directly onto t-shirts, blazers, coats, hats and sweaters with no hassle whatsoever.

Why? Family Edition.

Instead of going to the school, ordering a true-to-size or a size up uniform, waiting for it to arrive and spending a considerable amount only to replace it a few weeks later, you get the chance to save up on hard earned money and take the more environmental and pocket friendly option.

Iron-on crests enable families to just buy basic uniforms from supermarkets and clothing stores and use iron the badges on them. It’s even sweeter when there are bulk-buy deals and discounts running!

This way, even if any of the pieces get damaged, worn out or lost, all you’ve got to do is run down to the store, pick it up and iron on another badge to it!

Why? School Edition.

If your school sells uniform and other special clothing directly to parents, you know how much time and effort it takes to arrange orders, store all unsold stock and face returns.

If you’ve got iron-on emblems, you wouldn’t have to face 90% of those issues giving you that time to concentrate on more things.

When you run out of or are running low on badges, you could just place a new order!

Allow us to help you cut the cost of school monogrammed uniforms into almost half!

These badges make it super easy and convenient to attach, and with no sewing required, almost anyone can pull this off! Also, the heat seal backing are machine wash-proof so its next to impossible to really remove them once they’re on.

And since they can be attached to almost any type of clothing, you can turn ordinary fleeces or jerseys into school-wear in a matter of minutes.

  • Really, it’s all pros.
  • Fully embroidered logos.
  • Any shape, size and colour.
  • Super thin but strong! (bye-bye bulky logos!)
  • Resilient heat seal bond
  • Suitable for all kinds of schoolwear
  • Proper finish
  • Machine/hand washable
  • Environmental friendly
  • Conveniently stored
  • Super fast turnaround time
  • Nominal delivery charges